Facebook to make Moments app mandatory for photo syncing starting Jan 10

Facebook Moments

According to a new revelation, users of #Facebook who upload a lot of photos online using their cellphones will have to start using the ‘Moments’ app compulsorily starting January 10, 2016.

Screenshots reveal how the company is planning to shut down photo syncing from within the main Facebook app, urging users to download the Moments application so as to enable auto-backup.

Facebook Moments - Notice

What’s more is that users will need this app to even access their privately backed up photos on Facebook. The one bright side to this whole ordeal is that the users will find the standard Facebook app to be much slimmer and faster in terms of performance. Also, Moments will give you better control of how you share your images and even let you privately send images to a specified friend or contact.

We’re not sure what to make of this change yet, but a massive switch like this will surely take some getting used to. What do you think?

Via: Tech Crunch