Facebook now bundling Tor Browser with its Android app

Facebook - Tor Browser

Given how important privacy is in this day and age, #Facebook has decided to bundle Tor Browser with its Android app, giving users that extra security cushioning. The feature appears to be gradually rolling out to devices but should be available around the globe over the coming weeks.

As a prerequisite, users are required to install the Orbot Proxy application from the Google Play Store. Once installed, you can find the setting to enable Tor browser on Facebook, so it’s pretty self explanatory after that.

It’s likely that the feature is already available on your Android device, so make sure you check if an update is available on the Play Store. If not, don’t lose patience as updates of this stature usually take time to arrive on all devices. In preparation, make sure you download the Orbot Proxy application from the link mentioned above.

Facebook’s intentions were made pretty clear back in 2014, when the social media giant made its site accessible from Tor Browsers on the web.

Source: Facebook

Via: GSM Arena