Facebook Messenger now provides personal details of an unknown contact

Facebook Messenger Update

An update to the Facebook Messenger app now provides users with details about unknown senders. By this, we mean that the user will now get a brief information about this random sender’s hometown, place of work, college etc so that you can easily recognize a long lost friend (or stalker).

Only the information that is made public by the users will be shown, so there are no privacy concerns here. The information will be popped up for people who aren’t on your list and those who have been added by you, but have never sent you a message.

This feature can be likened to Facebook’s new caller ID feature which provides you personal details of an unknown caller while using the app. However, this feature didn’t have much use for the customers as most rely on standalone services like Truecaller which has a large database of contacts on offer.

Features like these ensure that users can connect with one another in a way like never before. This new feature should be rolling out sometime soon, with iOS users in the U.S., U.K., France, and India said to be getting it first.

Via: Tech Crunch