Facebook Messenger now has 1 billion active monthly users

Facebook Messenger 1 Billion

#Facebook announced earlier today that the #Messenger chat application has officially crossed 1 billion active monthly users. While some may feel that this is a major accomplishment for the most popular social network in the world, one has to realize that most users were forced into using the app as Facebook stopped allowing chat within the main app and even removed chat from the mobile web version of Facebook.

But we don’t mean to rain on Facebook’s parade because it is still quite a big feat to have 1 billion people talking to each other on a monthly basis. One can say that almost every active Facebook user has the Messenger application installed, although there are bound to be exceptions. With Facebook’s user base growing exponentially even today, the company can hope that more users start using Messenger over the coming months. After all, it is the only way you can chat with your Facebook friends on mobile.

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Source: Facebook Newsroom