[Exclusive] Reckless Racing: Getaway, exclusive video inside

While we at the Droidguy were at E3 last night during the Sony Ericsson party, some news was over heard. Polarbit is coming out with a sequel to its smash hit called Reckless Racing: Getaway.

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As you can tell in the video below, Getaway is in a Need for Speed style game.  You play a criminal trying to get away from the cops.  As well as a mode in which you are the cops trying to chase the criminal. Also noticeable is camera video this time in which you are always stationed behind the driver.

This title will be at first a Sony Ericsson Xperia Play exclusive and then released to the most other Android devices. As of now we don’t have a price or release date but check back later as I’ll be back at e3 to hopefully find out. So make sure to also follow @brentf_9 for up to date info, pictures and any questions in which you may have about the event.

Now sit back, grab some popcorn and enjoy our exclusive first look at Reckless Racing: Getaway(No audio, will be getting video with audio to replace it later)

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