EXCLUSIVE: Gameloft Live Hits Android First


First details of Gameloft Live for Android.  While in San Francisco for the Crunchies we stopped into meet with Gameloft. What we were able to see and preview is their newest application to be launched on the Android system. Gameloft Live will be their social experience rather than what they currently have in, in-games currently. Think the Sims and XBox Live having a baby.

You’ll be able to login with your Gameloft ID you currently have from playing past games or create a new one if you don’t. At the start you’ll have to set up your avatar in which throughout the Hub you’ll either look like or interact with. Thankfully they have the ability to have a Mohawk on your guy so I wasn’t feeling left out. Everything from how the hair looks, to what color it is can be changed. Your clothing style is also able to change however I didn’t spend enough time in that to let you know more. Your avatar while limited to just being in your Hub for now(We could only guess further Social aspects will be added later on) the main focus will be connecting with fellow friends as well as seeing achievements.

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In each Hub you are also able to purchase new items to decorate the area, as well as different interactions that can and will take place. You’ll notice that there are “shiny stars” and for each one, clicking on them does something else. The fireplace does work as well (But doesn’t warm you up for those cold San Francisco days like today) and with clicking on wall reveals a Nova/Mr. And Mrs Smith type cache of weapons. Other stars are there so I won’t fully spoil the fun in finding them all. You can buy other Hubs as well with Gameloft cash you either buy with cash, or earn the ability to unlock things such as adding friends or achievements in games.


The main aspect, I believe, is to make Gameloft games more social and that’s what they do. The “dashboard” in which you see what your friends profile with either the games they’ve played, achievements unlocked, or others is a GIANT step up from what they had before. The interface is beautiful and extremely easy to use. Within a few minutes I no longer felt lost. Without dumbing it down making it intuitive as possible was a welcome sign.


The only other Social Hub for gaming I can think of, Open Feint causes me to want to violently vomit because of it’s visual design, Gameloft’s Social Hub is welcoming.  Gameloft throws in the best of Sims and XBox Live in one and does it beautifully. While it never caused the Galaxy S II to stutter, I wondered how a lesser device might handle the game, I was assured the experience on any device. When pushed about if there was a specific tablet version coming out, while being told no at first, I was quickly told that unlike other applications viewing on a tablet is just as enjoyable if not more due to its increase in screen size since they don’t just down the size and call it a day.

Gameloft Live will also allow you to chat with friends who are in the application as well. High Scores are also a key area in which Gameloft has gone after, with the ability to break down world-wide or by country. Always nice to say you have more points than friends never hurts when you see them again or take a screen shot to email them. Tomorrow they will be doing a soft-launch and followed by a major push on Monday. Gameloft takes aim at bringing all your Gameloft Social needs and wants into one. While with any release on Android bugs are to be expected, updates will be happening as this is how the future of mobile gaming plus social could and will come together as one.

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