[Exclusive] First look of OnLive for Android

Thats right, while at e3 we where able to hang out with the guys at OnLive and were able to have them show it off working on the Xoom. Onlive for those who haven’t heard of it yet, makes it so you can play games on your computer in which are pure streaming so nothing to install. Also they’ve made it so just in case your computer can’t hand the high intense graphics still playable.

What you have in this first look is OnLive playing on the Motorola Xoom with both a WiFi connection¬†controller as well as on screen ones. While playing numerous games its fluid and you would think that all these games were on the device not streaming as you are playing it. Currently its WiFi only however LTE enabled might be something that could be done. Since over 3G(3.5 for those on T-Mobile) the refresh rate wouldn’t be able to handle it. As someone who’s honestly never used the product before I was also quit glad to hear that you can also save your progress so when playing MLB 2k11 you can save your season without having to start over every time.

The Android version will be coming out later this fall and will feature the full lineup that those on PC’s or Macs would be able to play. This will also be tablet only and not on phones.(Until the likes of XDA users change that)

Besides them coming out with an Android one, they will also be coming out with an iPad and stand alone unit to hook up to your TV.

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