[Exclusive] First hands on with Cracking Sands

Last night while we were at e3 in Los Angeles we where shown a brand new game not out yet from Polarbit called Cracking Sands. Think of it like a sand racing game with weapons.  We got some hands on time with the new game on the Sony Xperia Play the first PlayStation certified phone from the team at Sony Ericsson, who plan on adding two tablets to the line up this year with the S1 and S2.

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The game play is pretty simple as the game we were able to play was still in beta form.  Yet most of the functions were still working. At the time of the video we were not able to even go into the setting or change it from accelerometer to controls. Also as of now there is only one level to play  which is seen in the video below.  The game reminds me of the Tegra II game Bang Bang Racing which is a great step as to show the possibility of getting great graphics and not have to sacrifice anything.

We’ll be back at e3 tomorrow to try and get more information about this game and when we might be able to see it available to everone. So make sure to follow @brentf_9 and @thedroidguy and let me know if you have any questions you want me to ask tomorrow 😉