EVO's get a power up in Jacksonville FL, Grand Rapids MI, Stockton/Modesto CA and Wilmington DE

By: Kyle S, “The Droid Guy”

Clearwire announced over the weekend the addition of Wimington DE to it’s 4G/Wimax service offerings. They also announced upgrade completion from pre-wimax markets in: Grand Rapids Michigan, Jacksonville Florida, and Stockton and Modesto California.

Clearwire was the first company to offer “4G” service in the form of “wimax” in several markets where it had laid a “Pre-Wimax” footprint dating back to 2006. A little over a year ago the third largest wireless carrier in the country, Sprint, invested heavily in Clearwire and their pre-wimax network to help the Kirkland based company roll out the new “Wimax/4G” technology.

When Clearwire announces upgraded and new 4G services they are automatically markets for Sprint’s 4G service.

The weekend announcements added over 1.1million pops and now customers who have the HTC Evo 4G on the Sprint Now Network can now enjoy the speed and reliability offered by wimax. The Samsung Epic 4G, A Galaxy S phone will also utilize Sprint/Clear’s technology.