EVOLICIOUS- Weekend update

Over the holiday weekend I missed one installment of Evolicious. Of course it was a holiday weekend filled with big events for my main business and of course cookouts and the other assorted Memorial Day weekend festivities.
How did the EVO fair? The HTC EVO on the Sprint Now Network faired pretty well. I was unaware that the CLEAR/SPRINT partnership had lit up the Washington DC Metro area and was very pleased that they did. I was also in Annapolis, particularly the Annapolis mall where the Best Buy Mobile has a 4G transmitter and repeater combo right at the store so the service in the mall and outlying areas was phenomenal.
I’m personally lasting between 4-6 hours with no charge but carry an extra HTC Hero battery in my wallet that I can switch out in a moments notice for more battery.
I use the Shapewriter keyboard over the HTC/SENSE keyboard on all of my Android Devices, on the EVO it’s even sweeter because the keys are much larger and I rarely have to correct. However during my weekend journeys I ran into a man that asked if he could see my EVO, astoundingly enough he was at least 60 years old and had the same excitement that most of the pre-order folks seem to have. Anyway this man had very large fingers I switched the input method back to the HTC keyboard and even with his big fingers he had no problem. I did let him know there are some apps in the android app market for large fingers.
When I got my EVO I noticed there was an app called MIRROR 4 EVO and the description kept saying theyd have an update where you could actually snap pictures and send them very soon. Last night I discovered the update had been issued, this makes it like instant photo booth on the go, no more holding the phone at different angles and seeing if the picture came out just right.
All in all a bunch of positives about the EVO over the weekend. I did notice that my particular evo is having some problems going to sleep so I make sure I hit the power button to put it to sleep if I don’t sometimes it doesn’t go to sleep leading to both huge battery drain and heat up. I also noticed that sharing the Sprint Hot Spot (which will cost an extra $30 after July 24 or something like that) makes the battery drain quite quickly and it also gets hot.
Friday is going to be a great day for a lot of people and it’s going to be a great day for android as a whole we’re going to get a bunch more people on team android.
I also noticed in scouring the net there are a bunch of fluff pieces on EVO, come on already dive into the phone! Here’s one example
Sprint HTC EVO what makes it tick

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