EverWatch for Evernote app launches on Google Play

The EverWatch for Evernote app is now available on Google Play. This app allows Sony Smartwatch and Sony Smartwatch 2 users to display their notes from their Evernote account directly on the wearable device.

Everwatch for Evernote
Everwatch for Evernote

As of the moment, the app does not support all kinds of notes saved on one’s Evernote account. It is only able to show plain text, created dates, as well as lists, including subitems, bullets and numbered lists. On the other hand, it is unable to show images, tables, and the text formatting on one’s notes. Furthermore, only 30 notes may be displayed by the current version of the EverWatch for Evernote app. The developer Clemens Efflein promises, however, that updates will be rolled out in the future so that these functions would be supported.

The app’s Google Play description suggests that the Everwatch would be handy for saving notes like grocery shopping lists right on your watch.

The app requires a minimum of Android 2.1 to run. It has a size of 436k and has a low maturity content rating.

Everwatch for Evernote is yet another addition to the growing number of paid and free apps supported by the Sony Smartwatch and Sony Smartwatch 2. Among those available on Google Play are Augmented Traffic, Sudoku, Dialer for Smartwatch, Planetarium, WebBrowser, Gtalk Notifier, Calculator Sony Smartwatch, Smartreader for Smartwatch, Calendar Sony Smartwatch, and ScreenOff for Smartwatch.

Meanwhile, Sony continues to introduce improvements to the Sony Smartwatch 2, the latest being an enhancement to the homescreen swiping experience.

If you’re interested in checking out Everwatch for Evernote, here is a link to the app’s page on Google Play.

via r/android