Evernote to foray into the hardware sector

ever2Popular note taking app on iOS and Android, Evernote has hinted at a new line of development in the future! CEO Phil Libin dropped subtle hints about Evernote’s direction and strategy for the future in an interview with IDG News Service, Tokyo. According to his statement, the company is looking to try its hand in the hardware line, manufacturing a new product. There is no news about what kind of product and to what purpose but the company is keen to explore multiple possibilities and come out with their signature hardware.

The product remains a mystery has the CEO has very clearly stated that it will not be along the lines of smartphones or tablets or any device in existence today. This point to an ‘Apple’ish kind of new, revolutionary device since cutting edge technology is the Cupertino Company’s forte. Evernote has chalked out a five year plan to come up with their “new and magical” device as the CEO put it.

Rumor has it that the product is loosely along the lines of HTC-Facebook Home. Evernote will be the next in line after Software giant Microsoft to dabble in this sort of thing – Bringing out their own hardware line.

Details are still fuzzy, and there is no definite information on what the device is or how Evernote plans to achieve it. Whether the company will partner with existing hardware manufacturers like the Google-LG collaboration or go solo and bring out a hardware wing of its company responsible for the creation of this mystery product. Either way, it is a very interesting and ambitious announcement by Evernote, to move from an app to an entire hardware line!