Evernote Food Now Offers to Android

Food bloggers or just general food buffs using Android devices will delight at Evernote’s new offering. The Evernote Food app has just been launched on Google Play by Evernote.

Evernote Food allows users to save images of their favorite meals, table settings, and the people with whom they have shared the food. To organize the photos, they can add tags, captions, and attach the location where they ate the meal. Also integrated in the app is a search function that allows users to go through their files for a particular meal. Evernote is also in partnership with Foursquare, the social networking website that keeps track of the places one has visited. With Foursquare, Evernote Food users can perform a search for good places to eat. Lastly, users can synchronize their information on various devices through a cloud-based service, so that they can access their files on the Evernote app on their computer, phone, or tablet.

Evernote recommends using the app to capture the steps in preparing particular recipes or capture ingredients, menus, or food labels. They can even use Evernote Food to note the food that they consume, and utilize the information to plan their diet.

Evernote Food on Google Play is free and only requires Android 2.2 to function on mobile devices. It is available on iOS devices, as well. It has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars from the app store.

Evernote has been on a roll with these new updates. Their note-taking app called Evernote has just been launched recently with version 4.0 for Android. Following that launch, they made available Evernote Hello that allows users to remember the people they meet.

Evernote has a range of products that aid memory. All of these depend on a cloud service and may be synchronized across various devices. Apart from those mentioned, Evernote offers Skitch, an annotation app; Web Clipper, an app that facilitates saving of online content; Evernote Clearly, an app that simplifies web content for reading or in preparation for saving; and Evernote Peek, an app that aids studying by converting notes into study materials.