European Regulators Approve Google’s Merger With Motorola Mobility

At one point in time it was believed that getting European Union approval of the proposed Google/Motorola merger would be one of the hardest parts of completing the whole deal. It looks like that wasn’t the case as Google announced this morning that European regulators have approved Google’s purchase of Motorola.

This comes fresh on the heels of news that Google has started a beta test of a “Next Generation Portable Communications Device” with their own employees throughout the US.

This also means that the only thing left to tackle for the $12.5 billion dollar deal, is US regulatory approval.  The Google/Motorola merger, sometimes being referred to as “Googarola” has a much better chance of getting approved than the failed AT&T/T-Mobile deal from last year.

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“This is an important milestone in the approval process and it moves us closer to closing the deal,” Google’s vice president and deputy general counsel Don Harrison wrote on an official Google blog post. “We are now just waiting for decisions from a few other jurisdictions before we can close this transaction.”

Another big Android merger was also recently approved and that was Sony’s bid to buy out partner Ericsson and form Sony Mobile Communications. Ericsson will now go back to focusing on network infrastructure and building equipment to build out 4G/LTE networks around the word.

European Union regulators did not place any restrictions on the Google/Motorola merger however their competition commissioner Joaquin Almunia added  “…does not mean that the merger clearance blesses all actions by Motorola in the past or all future action by Google.”

source: Mashable

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