Euro iPhone users can now re-download video content with new iTunes facility

itunes1European countries are in for a treat with a new iTunes feature that lets users re-download content previously purchased from Apple. This is a huge relief to consumers who previously had to purchase videos and movies in the event of theft or damage to their iPods or iPhones. iTunes users in France, Sweden, Belgium and 8 other European countries can simply download purchased content from the  iTunes store.

In addition to movies, the new facility allows users to re-download music, apps, books, documents and other content purchased previously on the Apple store. Not all countries can take advantage of this new feature, however. Apple maintains a list of countries that can benefit from the facility that omits a few countries due to Apple’s deals with music recording studios and publishing houses. France remains the only country to be able to re-download TV shows purchased previously.

This new feature comes after Apple’s iCloud cloud service that lets users upload content like movies, documents, books, videos, audio and notes for safe and secure online storage. Before the new facility hit European countries, Apple’s previous big rollout aimed at Canada, U.K and other non-American countries.

The iTunes store plays host to a huge collection of games, music, movies and apps. There are a host of free apps in the store but the best and most popular apps come at a price and sometimes they could be a wee bit heavy on the pocket. Having to re-purchase previous content in addition to fixing or buying a new iPod or iPhone would be very expensive for the user. This new facility makes it much easier for users to retrieve lost content at no additional cost.

Apple users in the Asia Pacific region are also eagerly awaiting the rollout of this new feature.