EE Officially Launching Its LTE Network On October 30th, Pricing Has Also Been Unveiled

EE is calling its new 4G LTE service 4GEE and it will be launching commercially starting this next Tuesday, which lands on October 30th. 4GEE stands for the services that are offered by EE’s LTE network, which will allow their users the standard calls and text and additionally mobile data speeds of around 8-12MBp/s, which is fantastic! Unfortunately the 4GEE services will only start out in the following United Kingdom cities: London, Manchest, Bristol, Birmingham, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Leeds, Liverpool, Sheffield and Glasgow. You’ll still be able to purchase the service throughout the country though. Thankfully six more cities will be added before Christmas comes around (Southhampton, Belfast, Derby, Hull, Nottingham, Newcastle) with EE having plans to cover nearly 98% of the population by the time the end of 2014 comes around the corner.

All of EE’s LTE smartphone plans currently include calls and texts, and then the ability for users to simply pick a data allowance of their own choosing. The prices of these new plans will be starting at £36 per month, which starts you off with 500MB of mobile data, and will be going up until £56, which will get you a whopping 8GBs of data allowance. Additionally, free BT Wi-Fi access is also included in this plan. While EE hasn’t launched an unlimited plan just yet, the proposed plans are fairly expensive enough as they are.

To make use of their new 4GEE service, you are, of course, going to need an LTE compatible handset purchased directly from either Orange or T-Mobile, or even any of their partner retail stores. The only exception to that rule is the newly released iPhone 5, which if it was unlocked it would operate on the 4GEE network no matter where in the United Kingdom you got the handset from. Although, if you have recently purchased an Apple iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy S III or even an HTC One X, EE would agree to upgrade your phone to an LTE version for a small price of £99. EE is not only launching its new 4G LTE service next week though, they will also be starting up their new corporate identity. Starting on October 30th,  all existing Everything Everywhere, Orange and T-Mobile stores will be re-branded as EE stores.

Any existing customers will be able to keep their plans and will have the ability to continue using the 3G network provided by T-Mobile and Orange without any sort of change. It is important to note that starting on October 30th, the network identifiers will start showing EE.

To become a new EE subscriber, you are going to have to pick up one of their new 4GEE plans. Of course, as you can imagine this is quite an odd move as not many people have the correct phones to properly use the LTE network. Additionally, there are no EE plans without LTE connectivity and LTE coverage is very limited at the time being.

Will any of our readers over seas be picking up a new EE subscription?

source: gsm arena