Early CyanogenMod 11 build available for Galaxy Note 3 (SM-N9005)

CyanogenMod 11 available for Galaxy Note 3

While stock Android ROMs are a great way to experience Android as Google intended on non-Nexus devices, Samsung’s Galaxy Note devices are perhaps the only ones where replacing the stock manufacturer software makes little sense, as it takes away most of the convenient and value-added features that make the Galaxy Note series one of the most productive out there. However, if stock, unadulterated Android is what you want to see on your Galaxy Note 3, you can now do so thanks to a preliminary build of CyanogenMod 11.

The CM 11 build isn’t official, but as the CM team has made the source code for CM 11 for the Note 3 available, a couple of developers have begun building ROMs for it for testing. The ROM is currently available for the Snapdragon variant – owing to its alpha status, there are a couple of serious issues, such as the microphone not working when on a call, which make it less than ideal as a daily driver, but with the right amount of testing and bug reporting, it shouldn’t be long before these issues are sorted out. Achieving full stability will likely take a while, but it shouldn’t be long before the CM team starts releasing regular nightlies for Samsung’s latest and greatest phablet.

Hit the source link for more details on the CyanogenMod 11 ROM for the Galaxy Note 3, including the link to download the latest version.

Source: XDA