EA launches Ignite Engine for next generation sports games


The first publisher to step on stage at the Xbox event was EA, the company with an topsy-turvy reputation. When it comes to sports, EA usually pull through, with great titles like FIFA and Madden doing well year after year.

EA Sports Ignite has been developed to “blur the line between real and virtual” in sports gaming and EA will be deploying this on all their top line sports games this year.

The new engine will allow EA to add more detail, depth and realism into the four major titles FIFA, Madden NFL, NBA Live and UFC and offer animation quality ten times what they have currently.

Ignite will also offer new mechanics and this will improve AI on the sports game, whether this is boxing or dribbling past defenders, the game should improve to become more real and active.

This could mean when playing against the computer on FIFA, instead of the defender instantly clicking on when you move, he will trip or continue to run a little before noticing your angle move.

EA will launch this engine on all their new sports games, starting with FIFA 2014 and Madden 25.