EA at E3: 11 New Titles Coming To Next Gen Consoles


EA has taken the big stage just after the Xbox event, showing off their vast amount of new games from various studios. Peter Moore stepped on stage to announce the next generation in EA games.

With all the bad press EA has been getting, it is good to see a huge selection of games coming.


Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare is the newest game from Popcap and it is really some incredible, instead of a strategy fighter, it is a third person shooter.

The game seems very fluid, the gamer gets to command a full arsenal of different plants in a large map, against hordes of spawning zombies. This is definitely one to check out, if only to see a new side of PVZ. Also, Popcap is developing Peggle 2.


Titanfall has cropped up again, after being shown at the Xbox event, the preview showed a number of developers explaining how the multiplayer would be different to other titles.

The game is an original IP with new FPS design mechanics, these include the Titans and the battleships fighting on the maps, with the common soliders too.

Star Wars: Battlefront was shown for about 10 seconds, there is no gameplay but the title is enough to get people excited. The franchise was recently discontinued by LucasArts, but EA picked up the license

Need for Speed: Rivals

Need for Speed: Rivals is the newest racing game from EA. It has a whole new design and AI has been improved to manage control and racing better when on the track.

The game will apparently have some incredible new features to move the game from a single player experience to a multi-player within one race. Extra players can call in helicopters and police to chase down the racers.

Need for Speed is also getting a movie and Breaking Bad actor Arron Paul will star as the main character.


Dragon Age: Inquisition was also announced by EA, while the game will not launch when the new consoles do, it will be coming for a 2014 fall and the developers are currently working on additional story and mechanics.

The game will take off from the previous Dragon Age and the gamer will have to respond to crisis all over the map, with alliances tattering and all out war between factions starting to arise.


EA Sports Ignite is the new engine powering all four gaming experiences, including NBA Live 2014, Madden 25, FIFA 14 and the new UFC game for the next generation consoles.

Starting with NBA Live 2014, the game will update hourly to reflect how real basketballers play and a new mechanic called BounceTek will allow real dribbling and skilled tricks, the gamer will be able to experience fast paced basketball.

Madden 25 will stretch to new heights with the Ignite engine, allowing deeper AI design and four times the calculations, making the game real and fluid.


FIFA 14 was all about the Barcelona team and how they can make football elegant, each player provides a different service to the team and the Ignite engine will allow professionals to make runs, challenge defends and score brilliant goals.

UFC will be completely reworked to make way for the Ignite engine, more attacks and moves have been added to the experience and gamers can utilise different counters and moves to beat opponents


Battlefield 4 has already been shown off at the Xbox event, but DICE took to the floor to show off the multiplayer, the different boats and the new destructive Frostbite engine powering the game.

Commander Mode was one of the most fun features on the new Battlefield game, allowing an overview of the map. The player can then deploy support and attacks on a tablet or game console while in commander mode.


Finally, the moment most were waiting for, Mirrors Edge 2 by DICE. The gameplay trailer was pretty short and did not reveal much, but the game is back and will be coming ‘when it is finished’ according to the trailer.

The vector design and simple colour palette are still here and the thrilling combat system with the clever speed and stealth will surely be back for another run.