Dual edge display variant of the Samsung Galaxy S6 said to be in the works

Galaxy Note Edge
The Galaxy Note Edge

According to a new rumor, Samsung will be launching a special Galaxy S6 model sporting a dual edge display. This will be like the Galaxy Note Edge, but with curves on both edges rather than just one. Naturally, this variant will also come bundled with a few new software features to make it stand out from the Galaxy Note Edge. If this device is indeed real, then it’s natural to assume that it will be known as the Galaxy S6 Edge.

The software on the device will reportedly allow customers to switch between the right or the left edge of the device, which could be a convenient for left handed or right handed people. It is also said that Samsung will allow users to customize contacts with specific colors so that their notifications appear more prominently on the edge. The Glance Lighting feature will allow for the edges to light up whenever there’s an incoming call.

So overall, it seems like the device will be capable of doing a lot more than the Galaxy Note Edge out of the box. We’ll keep our eyes peeled for more information on this device. What do you think about a smartphone like this?

Via: Sam Mobile