Dual boot ASUS tablet with Windows and Android 4.4 makes its way to the FCC

ASUS Dual Boot Tablet FCCASUS has a history of launching or steadying itself to launch pretty stellar devices. The likes of the Nexus 7 and the ASUS Transformer tablets come to mind. And a new FCC filing suggests that the company will continue to launch such devices, this time a dual boot Windows/Android tablet. The FCC filing reveals a tablet which can dual boot Windows 8 along with Android 4.4¬†KitKat. There are three model numbers mentioned in the listing (M82T, L82T, and R82T), which could be region specific or different models of the tablet. The tablet appears to have a 3,910 mAh battery and claims to be running on either the Intel Bay Trail Z3740 0r the Z3770 processors. There’s also a 7 inch display with no word on the resolution yet and 16 or 32GB of internal storage. The tablet is far from being officially announced by ASUS, so we won’t jump to conclusions just yet. To make matters more confusing, there are six other model numbers of the tablet attached with this one (three each running Android and Windows respectively). We will know shortly if ASUS plans to make this dual boot device public, but the fact that it has a 7 inch display makes us slightly less optimistic as it is supposed to run Windows as well.

Source: FCC

Via: Phone Arena