Drop Box Adds Photo Functions To Combat Box.com’s 50Gb… Box Still Wins

The battle of the boxes is heating up. Just hours after Box.com CEO Aaron Levie let the Android community know that his company was giving all Android users who download and just simply login to box on their Android phone, 50 gb of free data, DropBox announces new photo features.

DropBox has announced an instant upload feature that is reminiscent of the instant upload feature found in Google+. Many tech sites are suggesting that while Google+ has 90 million users, only a small percentage of those are active users and a smaller percentage of those are actually using the Google+ Android app.

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Many people have found that the Google+ Android app is causing significant battery drain. Also, while Google+ has instant upload many people seem to have that feature turned off. The big plus with DropBox’s instant upload feature is that it loads the photos in their actual size. Google+ scales your photos down before it uploads them to the Google+ servers.

The other noticeable factor in DropBox’s photo upload feature is that it’s easier to work with photos from DropBox than it is from Google+. As DropBox users know, the desktop client for DropBox adds a virtual folder that functions like a regular folder on your computer. You can take photos directly from your desktop DropBox folder right into photoshop.

DropBox has also said they are going to increase free user storage up to 5gb. The free storage will grow gradually as users start taking advantage of the photo functions and filling up their DropBox.¬† This may not be enough though, to compete with box.com’s 50gb of free storage simply for using their Android app.

source: Reuters