Droid Zap app now supports more phones

Droid Zap

The Droid Zap app just rolled out an update that lets more users enjoy its features. The app, which was released alongside three Motorola Droid phones, the Ultra, Mini, and Maxx, previously allowed only the users of said phones to instantly share photos with users of any of the three devices. A later update also added support for older Droid smartphones.

The update, however, now claims to let users of all Android phones receive and send photos easily by means of the app. Some users on r/android, however, noted that the app does not work for their phones, because it is incompatible with their countries.

For those whose phones, however, are compatible with the Droid Zap app, using it is easy. One simply swipes the screen to have the app look for other Android phones in the vicinity that have the Droid Zap app installed. Sending can be public, or private with the use of a PIN.

Owners of non-Droid phones, at the moment, will only get to share photos, but Droid users have the option to send videos, as well.

For owners of the three abovementioned Droid phones, Droid Zap throws in one extra feature: Zap Zone. Zap Zone lets users form a special group whose members can easily share photos or videos with the other members of the group.

The app requires the use of a Google ID, a data network to download the content, and the GPS/Wi-Fi functionality on one’s smartphone to identify location.

It may be recalled that back then, the app received some positive feedback for eliminating the need to send videos or photos via e-mail or social networks, as well as for its ability to send such content in just a few number of steps. Some even compared it to Apple’s AirDrop, which required more steps to share content than Droid Zap did.

Take note, however, that because Droid Zap depends on your location, you need to be generally near, that is, within around 300 meters, of the person with whom you are sharing your files.

Download Droid Zap here.

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