DROID Incredible 4G Pops Up On Verizon’s Site, Confirms Previous Rumors

Today the rumored and much leaked DROID Incredible 4G popped up on Verizon’s DroidDoes website. It was quickly pulled, but the page was up long enough for our friends at Android Central to grab some screenshots of the device and and specifications. The DROID Incredible 4G has an extremely similar body-type to its Incredible predecessors, especially the DROID Incredible 2. The ever-popular (but sometimes hated) plateau back to the device is still present, and would this device honestly feel like an Incredible without it?

The hardware may be similar on the outside, with its 4-inch screen and slim, rounded body; but the DROID Incredible 4G does have some notable changes as well. First off, there are only three touch capacitive buttons on the face of the device. Back, home, and the multitasking button sit nicely on the device in that order. It is still not confirmed as to whether the Incredible 4G will have the awesome rotating buttons like the Incredible 2 did, but we sure hope it does. HTC has made a point to still include at least some hardware buttons, not completely confident in the software to suffice and that’s okay with me. While I would like to see device makers stop putting hardware buttons on devices at some point, I can see why they still want them around, one reason being that ICS is still only holding around 2% of the shares of Android OS versions.

Another notable addition to this device is full Beats audio support, whether you are playing through speakers or headphones which is nice to have along. The Incredible 4G has also been bumped up to a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, and Android 4.0 and Sense 4 will complement the hardware for an all-around speedy device. A standard 8MP camera is still sitting on the back, and the front has a VGA quality camera as well. The device is set to go for $299 on contract.

This device is very similar to HTC’s One S, and this has lead us to believe that this may not be the only HTC device hitting Verizon this year. With HTC releasing their One series, it wouldn’t surprise me to see them release a phone similar to the One X, much like they did on Sprint with the Evo 4G LTE. Check out our opinions on that here, and stay tuned for more updates on this device.


Source: Android Central