Droid Charge Gingerbread Update Coming Soon?

When Verizon Wireless announced their foursome of Android devices for their 4G/LTE network there was one noticeable and disturbing thing about them they were all reportedly coming to market with Android 2.2 Froyo.  While that has proven true for the HTC Thunderbolt, LG Revolition and Samsung Droid Charge, we still have to wait for the recently re-worked Droid Bionic to see what version it has at final release.

Androidguys.com reported earlier in the day that the Froyo on the Samsung Droid Charge had to do with Samsung not being able to get TouchWiz onto a Gingerbread device.  With the other three OEM’s having Froyo on their 4G/LTE devices, we’d say AG got it wrong and it has more to do with 4G/LTE.  Whatever the reason, Android 2.2 has left Verizon 4G/LTE Android owners craving a taste of Gingerbread on their phones.

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The HTC Thunderbolt was reportedly going to have an update to Android 2.3 Gingerbread before the end of Q2.  Q2 ends on Thursday so we’re not sure if they’re going to make it.  Fresh on the heels of all those HTC Thunderbolt Gingerbread rumors, our friends at Vzbuzz.com have spotted a video of the Samsung Droid Charge running Gingerbread.

Out of the box and before either device received any kind of update the Samsung Droid Charge had much better battery life and is quicker moving between screens and apps.   Although the Samsung Droid Charge was the second 4G/LTE Android device, and second 4G/LTE phone out of the gate at Verizon Wireles, is it possible we’ll see Gingerbread on the Sammy device before the Thunderbolt?

source: VZbuzz

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  1. actually samsung has been notorious for delaying android updates for months…while HTC has had a good record of updating their devices quickly. so based on track records, I’d bet that we’ll see gingerbread on thunderbolt far sooner than the charge.

  2. I kind of hope it does get Gingerbread before the Thunderbolt so I can laugh at my buddy MrCapcom cuz he has a Thunderbolt and has been giving me grief over exchanging my Thunderbolt for the Charge.

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