Drippler Android App, A Must-Have for Samsung Galaxy S3

The Drippler app for Android has topped 1.5 million downloads in a short period of time and it seems to have proven its worth especially for Samsung Galaxy S3 owners. This app, which is currently available at Google Play Store, boasts of its capability to automatically detect the device it is installed on and it is the first of its kind to be able to do that despite Android’s dynamic changes.

In a press release published a few days ago, Drippler’s CTO, Ronen Yacobi, said that the app wishes nothing but to give Android owners the way to make the most of their devices. Not only will the app detects the brand and model of the devices it’s installed on, it also offers latest news and tips about them to give owners the information they need.

One user who reviewed the app said that the information are arranged in such a way that the latest updates will be seen first and are well-filtered to only display the most relevant. In other words, it browses the web to find new articles and updates about the current version of Android it is currently running on and present them through its interface in chronological order.

Drippler’s CEO Matan Talmi said that the most popular device among Drippler users is Samsung Galaxy S2 but they are hoping that the newer Galaxy S3 would claim the first place as it continues to gain popularity in the global market.

“Before even launching in the US, the Galaxy S3 was one of the top 10 most popular models on Drippler, and we expect it to become number one as it gains popularity in the marketplace,” Talmi said in a press release.

Celebrating the success of the newly-launched app, Drippler is giving Android lovers a chance to have Samsung Galaxy S3 in their possession. However, they need to download the app from Google Play Store to their device to be able to join and eventually know the dynamics and rules.

Currently, Drippler is on Google Play’s top news apps and received all positive ratings, so far. It has been featured on The New York Times and dubbed a must-have app by The Next Web.

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