Don’t Have A TV? Google Play Has Got You Covered!

Everyday TV is getting more and more worthless to watch, and even pay for. One big reason for that is with the introduction of streaming movies and TV episodes. If you don’t watch TV aside from episodes of popular titles like The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones, you don’t really need to have cable TV. Paying $25 – $80+ a month for TV is ridiculous if you only watch two different series. That said, it might be more worth it to get rid of your cable TV and purchase a Netflix or Hulu subscription. It might even be worth it to just rent movies and various TV series off of Google Play and stream it from your Google TV, smartphone and etc. It might be cheaper in the long run, and a lot of the time, entire seasons of The Walking Dead will only set you back by $10 on Google Play. Depending on how much cable TV you do watch, considering one of the previous options may help you save a quick buck. Besides that, isn’t streaming basically the future?

People with PlayStation 3’s and Xbox 360’s a lot of the time have a Netflix or Hulu subscription, and just stream TV off of the console. It’s a lot cheaper, and it’s convenient. You don’t have to set aside a set date for when the next episode of The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones is available. I really think that its just cheaper to rent it off Google Play and have all of the episodes at your disposal on that one day. That’s just my opinion, and it also seems that that is where most of the world is headed.

Of course, this article wasn’t meant to be a rant, but more of a suggestion. With that said, here are some of the top movies and TV series that I would suggest streaming off of Google Play:

The Walking Dead — As you probably know by now, this is an extremely popular series currently running on cable TV, and is also available on various streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Google Play and etc. The show is basically a survival adventure where a police officer gets together with a bunch of other survivors trying to — you guessed it — survive the zombie outbreak.

The Last Legion — This is a movie that I watched most recently, and really enjoyed. It’s basically a fictional “historical” adaption of the prologue into the legend of Arthur Pendragon during the Roman era. It was definitely a good movie and only costed $3 to rent for a month or 24hrs after I started the movie.

These are just small examples of what you can find on the various streaming services. It obviously does not need to be said that Netflix is best, as a lot o people already follow it religiously. But, for you TV fanatics, reconsidering your current options might save you a couple extra dollars per month.

Do you agree with me, or do you think that TV is still really relevant?


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  1. The article brings up a good point but misses the bigger picture. The reason anyone even knows that those series exist and that they are popular is because of network and cable TV advertising. Google Play does not really advertise any specific app, music, TV show or movie except a couple that end up on the main search page.

    While I agree that streaming is the future, the paid TV aspect still has appeal since the advertising helps you to decide what to watch and there a still a zillion shows out there that Google just doesn’t have. A TV junkie would definitely be lost. Not to mention that the content search would need a lot more refinement.

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