Doctors use 3D Printer to Print Emergency Airways Tube to Save Childs Life

3D Printer Ever since 3D printers made a big splash on Kickstarter they have been making there way in all walks of life and profession, but most recently they have been used to save an infants life. Doctors where able to print a 3D emergency airways tube that has saved a 20 month old child, the doctors printed hundreds of tiny little tubes and then proceeded to laser stitch them in over the small boys trachea.

The condition that the child suffered from was called ‘Tracheobronchomalacia’ which causes the bronchus to collapse in infants, this is not a common condition, it is very rare for a child to get the condition and it is even more rare for them to survive. ]

The printing material that was used for to help this child survive this ordeal was a bio-plastic mixture, the plastic is easy to print with but allowed the splint to stretch and move along with the lungs of the boy. The bioplastic will also dissolve in the child body after his trachea has grown into a healthy state and he is able to coop without the aid of the makeshift airways.

This story shows the amount of good that 3D printers bring to the world and are not just useful for printing firearms and weapons but for saving a small child’s life and giving them the opportunity of life that we all take for granted sometimes.

Source – TechCrunch