Display of the Galaxy Note 4 revealed to be besting the competition

Galaxy Note 4

One of the many strong suits of Samsung is the display that it provides on its smartphones. With truer blacks and better color reproduction compared to conventional LCD panels, Samsung’s AMOLED displays are a class above the rivals. And that has been proven yet again with the display of the Galaxy Note 4 being put to test by Display Mate.

The device was pit against the Galaxy Tab S 10.5, the Microsoft Surface Pro 3, the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX from last year, the Apple iPad Air 2, the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. The tests were conducted to find out which device could reproduce better colors and it was quite evident that Samsung’s offering was the victor. Tests were conducted on the basis of color gamut, facial skin tones, organic colors and blue color reproduction from cyan to magenta.

While the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 was able to compete with the Samsung phablet, no other devices came all that close to offering a fight against the Galaxy Note 4. This goes to show that Samsung is still quite ahead of the competition with regards to display technology. Whether this will drive customers towards buying more of its products is only for time to tell.

Galaxy Note 4 Display Mate

Source: Display Mate

Via: Sam Mobile