Disney Confirms Axing of Star Wars 1313

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Disney has finally announced that it will close its doors on LucasArts, officially ending the development of the anticipated Star Wars 1313 video game, a report on Digital Spy said.

The report said that Disney will be cutting massive jobs in the game development field of LucasArts. It will also cut down on support staff. Disney will then turn LucasArts into the licensing arm of the company, which means that it will also outsource the development of video games.

In that sense, the move will pave the way for software developers to create a game based on the popular movie franchise. Although Disney didn’t elaborate on whether or not it would like developers to create something out of the original Star Wars 1313, the doors remain open to that possibility.

According to a Disney spokesperson, the company decided to retain only a small staff for its licensing model to minimize the risk of developing games. The spokesperson said that the move will achieve a broader portfolio of high-quality Star Wars game.

In February, a report here said that rumors were fast coming out about the possible cancellation of the anticipated Star Wars 1313 video game. Three different insiders said that the development on the action shooter game has stopped since Disney acquired LucasArts in October last year.

However, there were still rumors that Disney will launch the game during the 2014 expo.

But now that Disney has officially cancelled the game’s production, it looks like independent game developers can have the chance to pitch in their inputs about how the new Star Wars game is supposed to look like.

What will Happen to Star Wars 1313?

The problem now is that there have been initial developments in the Star Wars game. What will come out of it then? It was first conceived in 2009 as a tie-in to a Star Wars television show, which will be set somewhere between the original movies and the prequels.

Originally called Underworld, it has then evolved into bringing the franchise’s brand name. Disney has yet to disclose what will happen to the developments of their Star Wars-based games.

Will the company let independent game developers look into the initial models? Should it still continue with the game? The fact that LucasArts will not be shut down completely (leaving behind a small staff to take care of the licensing options) means that there is still hope for Star Wars fans regarding the “possible” release of the video game.

Fans’ Reactions

Fans of the movie franchise naturally have adverse reactions against Disney for its decision to move LucasArts from an internal game developing company to a licensing model. Some said that the cancelling of the game would have not happened if it wasn’t Disney who purchased LucasArts last year.

Warner was another company that showed interest in purchasing LucasArts. I wonder now what would have happened to Star Wars 1313 if it was Warner that bought it and not Disney. Would we now be anticipating the launch of the game or will it suffer the same fate?

Source: Digital Spy

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