Die For Metal Android Game Review

A new platform style game has been released over at Google Play that’s full of metal music and death. The game is called Die for Metal and is being developed by SinSquid Games. The soundtrack of the game alone is enough to give you all that raging energy that will charge up your gaming experience.

die for metal

Die for Metal available for download at a price of $1.10. You will need a device running on at least Android 1.6 as well as a storage space of 35 MB.

The game mechanics is quite simple. You have to complete each level while avoiding any obstacles.  If you get hit by any of the obstacles you immediately die. Once you have completed the game your character will get to join metal band.

The hard part of the game is that it’s difficult to avoid the obstacles. It will take a lot of practice before you can proceed to the next level. The game developers have even added a death count with your total score which is a way of anticipating that you will really get to die a lot of times in this game. Aside from avoiding obstacles you will also get to collect skulls.

The controls are quite simple to master. You can run left, run right, jump, jump high, and do walls jump. This is pretty much all the controls provided to you.

What is probably the best part of this title is its graphics and soundtrack. The game uses a dark themed graphics where everything seems to explode. If your character dies he explodes. If you try to replay a level your character explodes. When you try to touch some things in the game they explode. I could say that this is a pretty explosive game.

The soundtrack of the game is great and will definitely appeal to metal fans everywhere. There are over a dozen tracks included in this game with some of them unlockable from the main menu.

Overall, Die For Metal is a unique Android game that’s definitely worth downloading.