reset network settings galaxy tab s6

How to Reset Network Settings On Galaxy Tab S6

There are times when connectivity issues occur and you don’t know what caused it. The safest and most effective way to address it is to reset network settings of your Galaxy Tab S6, or any Android device for that matter. In this post, I will guide you on how to reset the network settings of

reset all settings galaxy tab s6

How To Reset All Settings On Galaxy Tab S6

There are times when your Galaxy Tab S6 can develop issues that are very annoying. Most of the time, it’s hard to determine the cause of the problem let alone fix it. However, when it comes to minor issues with the software, you can fix them when you reset all settings of your device.  A

factory reset galaxy tab s6

How To Factory Reset Galaxy Tab S6

When there’s an issue with your tablet and you don’t know what the cause is,  you can always count on the reset to fix it. So in this post, I will guide you on how to factory reset Galaxy Tab S6 to bring it back to its default settings and configuration.  There are two common

Screenshot On Galaxy Tab S6

How To Take A Screenshot On Galaxy Tab S6

Taking a screenshot on a Galaxy Tab S6 is as easy as taking a screenshot on any Android phone. In fact, you don’t need to install any third-party application just to be able to capture a certain content on the screen of your tablet.  In this post, I will show you 3 different ways to

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Looking for a large, uber-productive, robust, physical keyboard-boasting and/or stylus-supporting tablet to meet your enterprise needs? The answer to your prayers is only a couple of clicks away. How about a rugged, muscular, almost unbreakable Android slate? We have you covered there, too. Don’t want much, just ultra-fast LTE connectivity and keeping non-vital expenses to

7 Tablets With The Most RAM In 2020

While manufacturers take RAM capacities very seriously when it comes to smartphones, the same approach hasn’t been followed with tablets in the industry. But that trend is quickly changing, with companies more open to devices with more RAM to aid productivity and other tasks on the device. However, given the sheer number of tablets available

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Battery life is something that most modern devices need to have to function accordingly. While the battery life is not strictly dependent on the kind of hardware you have, the capacity does make a significant difference to the overall performance. We’re seeing big battery smartphones churning out almost every other day, suggesting that battery life

Best Rugged Android Tablets Money Can Buy

From luxury to commodity to absolute necessity, being able to connect to the web while on the go and carrying your work with you far and wide have taken new meanings in recent years, as conventional PCs lost steam and ultraportable alternatives rapidly gained traction. And whereas most smartphone and tablet owners nowadays still fall

Best 4G LTE-capable Android tablets available today stateside

Though tablets are a great companion for practically anyone, it comes with a few limitations, particularly if it’s WiFi only. However, 4G LTE equipped cellular tablets have been around for quite some time now, so it’s understandable if you’re spoilt for choice right now. Keeping this in mind, we’ve decided to talk about some of

11 Best Verizon Tablets In 2020

Looking to get Verizon tablets, but are frustrated with constraints of Wi-FI only technology? That’s no problem because many Verizon tablets come with cellular services, similar to that of a smartphone. Not only that, but many of these tablets can be added to your data plan for an extra line fee. That’s a whole lot

5 Best Galaxy Tab S4 Alternative In 2020

Samsung is trying hard to bridge the gap between computer and tablet with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4. The Tab S4 comes equipped with 2-in-1 style hardware, giving you a keyboard to use with the tablet right out of the box. That said, the Galaxy Tab S4 can easily be used in laptop or tablet

5 Best Galaxy Tab S3 Alternative In 2020

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S3 is looked on as one of the best tablets available on the Android operating system. Samsung has worked hard to bring luxury and performance together to create an attractive product a la the iPad. They’ve done well at this — the Galaxy Tab S3 is without a doubt a sleek product,

Best Mobile Bluetooth Keyboard Accessories For Android Tablet

Let’s be frank; we were all a little wary of tablet PCs when they first emerged as “laptop replacements.” Clearly, they had nothing on traditional computers in terms of power and productivity, merely standing out with compact form factors and, iPads notwithstanding, affordability. Only even the latter forte didn’t seem enough to make a stand

Best Android Rugged Tablets For Outdoor Use in 2020

The tablet market is overflowing with devices that target just about any use case imaginable. Some tiny display tablets come in lightweight construction and are perfect as ebook readers. Larger tablets with high-definition displays can be great for multimedia consumption, while convertible tablets with detachable keyboards can be used as a full-fledged laptop replacement. However,

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If you’re looking for a new tablet, chances are you may be feeling a little overwhelmed. There are so many out there, so which ones are worth your time in looking at? Today we’re sharing all of our favorites for this year, with 8-inch screens. The 8-inch screen is a fantastic option to consider starting

5 Best Tablet Stand For Bed In 2020

If you’ve had a tablet for any time at all, there’s no doubt that you’ve used it to check up on your social media before bed, possibly even set it up to watch a movie or TV show before getting some good shuteye. If you’ve done any of that, or have just generally tried to

5 Best Tablets Running Android Nougat 7.0 and Higher in 2020

Google’s Android operating system is one of the most popular in the world right now. Given that there are products from a variety of manufacturers, there are hundreds of devices for any given Android version. Google unveiled Android 7.0 Nougat last year, as the successor to Android 6.0 Marshmallow. While it’s almost been a year

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Does your child use your tablet regularly? Maybe you set them up on YouTube videos or downloaded them a couple of games to play and keep them occupied. Slowly, you’re realizing that your children are taking over your tablet or smartphone, and might need to consider getting them their own. But that could be dangerous,

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Amazon’s idea with the Paperwhite was to give consumers as close to a book-like experience as possible in a digital format. They’ve achieved that in a lot of ways, even in design. But, if you want to take that book-like resemblance a step further, you might want to consider putting a case on the Paperwhite.

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In the market for an Amazon Kindle Fire 7? They are great little tablets — affordable, powerful, and have a massive ecosystem, thanks not only to many of Amazon’s services available, but their massive appStore, too. However, there’s only so much quality Amazon can pack in such a cheap tablet, so it’s no surprise that