Dell reveals some of its Windows 8 devices plus pricing and availability

Being one of the OEMs to showcase Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system when it goes official, Dell recently revealed some of its devices that will be released this month including XPS 12, XPS One 27 and Inspiron One 23. The revelation became official when the company posted a press release on its website a couple of days ago.

Dell XPS 12 is the company’s foray into the mobile hybrid market. It is expected to compete with ASUS’s Transformer Prime (an Android hybrid tablet) and Sony’s upcoming Vaio Duo 11, which also runs Windows 8. XPS 12 features a unique flip hinge HD touchscreen display that makes it a full-blown netbook. Dell XPS 12 will be marketed starting $1,199.99. Apparently, the price is within mid-range to high-end market and while the company didn’t reveal the specs, anyone can expect them to be more than satisfactory.

For people who are not into powerful mobile devices, perhaps the XPS One 27 All-in-One would suffice. This 27-inch Wide Quad HD Display comes packed with keyboard and mouse making it like an oversized PC with capability of a tablet. This is specifically built for people who often use their devices for heavy jobs such as photo editing, viewing HD movies and playing HD audio. It comes with a stand that tilts the display 60 degrees for better viewing. For this device, the price starts at $1599.99.

Another device that will soon be seen in action alongside the two mentioned above is Inspiron One 23 All-in-One. Dell assures hopefuls that it comes packed with good specs and better graphics. Just like XPS One 27, it also comes with its own keyboard and mouse plus a stand for the main unit. It will be marketed starting $779.99. Another device worth-mentioning is XPS 13 that comes with a price of $999.99.

To recap, there are four Dell devices that will make their debut this month and they are already available for pre-order:

  • XPS 12 convertible – starting at $1,199.99
  • XPS One 27 with touch – starting at $1599.99
  • Inspiron One 23 AIO with touch – starting at $779.99
  • XPS13 – starting at $999.99

Interested parties are advised to visit Dell’s official website.

[source: Dell]