Dell Launching 10″ Android Tablet, No Market, Is It Ready For Prime Time?

The Dell Streak 10 releasing in China without Android Market. photo: Engadget

China does not currently have access to the Android Market, however Android is starting to take off there.  After an undewhelming response to both the original Dell Streak and the Dell Streak 7 in the United States Austin Texas based Dell is taking their next Android Tablet to China.

The “Streak 10 Pro” will target a group of consumers considered to be “Prosumers” in China. Here we call them early adapters. Dell’s PC sales grew 22 percent last year in China and that’s one of the reasons they are citing for launching the Android tablet in China.

Google has a certain set of standards that they require OEM’s to adhere to in order to put Google Apps and the Android market on their tablets and smart devices.  The recent Amazon Android App Store allows a loop hole for sub-par equipment to get to market.

Launching the Streak 10 in China, where consumers don’t know the experience of the Android market anyway, would be a great place for a well known company to release a less than stellar device.

source: Reuters

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  1. So Dell is going to sell sub-standard tablets to people who don’t know any better for huge profit. How is this not illegal? I’m glad most Americans are too smart to fall for these petty tricks.

    Corporate greed disgusts me.

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