[Deal] Verizon or T-Mobile Samsung Gear S2 with LTE for $99.99

Gear S2

We have stumbled across two separate eBay listings, wherein you will find the Verizon and T-Mobile powered models of the #Samsung Gear S2. The two wearables are selling for just $99.99, which is pretty sweet. As you would imagine, these are both LTE enabled devices, which means it’s well worth your money.

These are the basic versions of the Gear S2, so they come with rubber straps on board. There’s a circular display on board, along with Samsung’s iconic and mightily impressive rotating bezel UI, which makes for a thoroughly pleasurable experience in terms of usability. Given the pricing quoted by the sellers, we won’t be surprised if the¬†devices go out of stock fairly soon. Keeping this in mind, we suggest you hurry on over to the eBay links below.

The T-Mobile version is available in Dark Gray and Silver, while the Verizon variant is only available in Dark Gray.

Gear S2 by T-Mobile

Gear S2 by Verizon