[Deal] Verizon Samsung Gear S2 for $114.99

Gear S2

The #Samsung #GearS2 from #Verizon can now be purchased on eBay for a resounding $114.99. The smartwatch is usually available for well over $200, so this is quite a lot of savings on the device. The seller is offering the Black as well as the White model of the wearable. The smartwatch is refurbished.

Since it’s only compatible with Verizon, your choices are fairly limited in terms of carriers. A smartwatch like the Gear S2 can function independently of a smartphone, which makes it quite versatile compared to traditional Bluetooth or WiFi only wearables. So if you’re a Verizon subscriber (Android or iOS) and were contemplating the purchase of a smartwatch, your search should end now. There’s no telling how long the deal will last, so make sure you benefit from it while it’s still up.

Head over to the link below for further details.

Get the Verizon Samsung Gear S2 for just $114.99 on eBay!