[Deal] Transcend 128GB microSD card can be yours for just $42.99 ($64 off)

Transcend 128GB

Transcend’s 128GB microSD card can now be snatched up for just $42.99 courtesy of a new deal over at Amazon. The pricing is only valid for about 9 hours from now (midnight December 30), so make sure you hurry if you want a storage module on the cheap.


Although most devices out there rely solely on internal storage, there are quite a few smartphones and tablets in the market which come with a microSD card slot. The new breed of devices (the LG G4 for example) support cards of up to 128GB or even higher, so you can make use of this microSD card accordingly.

It’s important to note that microSD cards aren’t necessarily limited to smartphones or tablets and there are other devices out there that can take advantage of added storage. If you have a device that could use some storage or if you happen to know someone within the family or a friend who could use something like this, make sure you head over to Amazon in order to make the purchase.