[Deal] T-Mobile Samsung Gear S2 for $109.99

Samsung Gear S2

The T-Mobile branded #Samsung #GearS2 can now be purchased via eBay for just $109.99. Don’t confuse this for a run of the mill smartwatch, though, as it has plenty of tricks up its sleeve. The Gear S2 comes with a unique rotating bezel, which lets you navigate through the UI. This hasn’t been tried by any manufacturer before.

The Gear S2 offered here comes with support for T-Mobile’s networks. This basically means that you can operate the smartwatch even without a paired smartphone. All things considered, the Gear S2 offered here is a steal for the price quoted by the eBay seller.

Given how expensive smartwatches can be, this deal surely does come across as attractive. This could also make a very good gifting item for the holiday season, especially if you have a tech savvy person in the family. Check out the listing from the link below.

Get the T-Mobile Samsung Gear S2 for just $109.99 on eBay!