[Deal] T-Mobile Gear S2 Classic for $149.99

Samsung Gear S2 Classic

The #Samsung #GearS2Classic is now available on eBay for just $149.99. The smartwatch comes with support for LTE and is locked to work with T-Mobile. So you won’t have much luck if you are paired with another network. The Gear S2 comes with a fairly attractive design and a circular watch face, which gives it the look of a conventional old-school watch.

The smartwatch also features attractive software features that will enhance user experience to a great extent. For example, the rotating bezel ring on the device helps you navigate through the user interface seamlessly and without much trouble. This is just one of the many things that the smartwatch brings to the table.

The addition of 4G LTE ensures that you can use the Gear S2 without depending on the paired smartphone. Hit the link below for more details on the wearable.

Get the T-Mobile Gear S2 Classic for just $149.99 on eBay!