[Deal] Sony SmartWatch 2 available for $84.50

Sony SmartWatch 2

The #Sony #SmartWatch2 wearable can be yours for just $84.50, courtesy of a retailer on eBay. This is not #AndroidWear, but the full version of #Android. That’s because it was released back in 2013, when Android Wear was yet to be released. However, this makes a decent companion for your smartphone given that it’s compatible with a broad range of devices out there.

The SmartWatch 2 comes with interchangeable bands as well, making this a very versatile product to own. The product being offered here is brand new, so you’re getting a completely packed and sealed unit here with this deal.

As you might be aware, the SmartWatch 2 wasn’t exactly a hot item back when it was released, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth the $84.50 that the retailer is asking for right now. Make sure you head over to the link below to snatch up this more than capable wearable on the cheap.

Get the Sony SmartWatch 2 for just $84.50 from eBay!