[Deal] Moto 360 Sport for $161.32

Moto 360 Sport

The #Moto360Sport is now available for just $161.32 via Amazon, which is a resounding discount compared to its standard price of $199.99 (originally $299). The discount is only available for the Black version of the smartwatch, and you will still have to spend $199.99 if you’re interested in the White or Orange version of the smartwatch.


For those unaware, the Moto 360 Sport is the company’s sports oriented smartwatch and not just fitness tracker. The array of sports and fitness related features give it the ‘Sport’ moniker, but in essence, it’s just the regular Moto 360 with attractive rubber straps. Keeping that in mind, a price of $161.32 is pretty decent on this wearable.

Given the nature of discounts and deals online, we are not sure if this is just a clearance sale or a permanent price reduction, although we’re betting it’s the former. Make sure you head over to Amazon to snatch up the Moto 360 Sport on the cheap.