[Deal] Get two units of the Google Chromecast Audio for $55 ($15 discount)


Customers can now get two units of the #Google #Chromecast Audio for just $55 from the #GoogleStore and #BestBuy. This is a savings of $15 if you get the two separately. One unit of the Chromecast usually costs $35, so this deal offers you each unit for $27.50. The utility of having two Chromecasts at your disposal cannot be questioned as it allows you to play the same music in multiple rooms of a building/house.

Bear in mind that individual units will still set you back by $35, so you will need to get the bundle in order to be eligible for the discount. Google or Best Buy haven’t mentioned as to how long this promotion will last, but it’s safe to assume that it will be around for the days to come.

Google’s first-gen Chromecast was a widespread hit and the 2nd iteration is also doing a solid job in the market. Although we don’t think it would be as popular as the original Chromecast. Hit the links below to get the Chromecast Audio on the cheap.

Source: Google Store, Best Buy

Via: Pocketnow