[Deal] Get a 32GB WiFi Nexus 9 for $364

Nexus 9

Google’s #Nexus9 tablet from last year has failed to make much noise in the tablet market, but there’s no denying that it’s a solidly built tablet that will stand the test of time. Given the lack of sales, it has been a common entrant in deals and other promotions over the past few weeks.

A new one has just popped up on Amazon where the 32GB WiFi version is being sold for just $364.91. The 16GB WiFi model can be bought for $346.15, so the difference between the two tablets is just around $18, meaning the 32GB model should be an easy pick here.

Surprisingly, the same 32GB model in White will set you back by $387.10 while the 16GB model in White has been priced at $339. Both the models offered here are brand new, so you can be assured of getting the best for your price. Head over to the link below to get your hands on the HTC made Nexus tablet.


Get the HTC Nexus 9 from Amazon