[Deal] Fitbit Flex wearable selling for just $69.99

Fitbit Flex

The #FitbitFlex fitness band/tracker can now be yours for just $69.99 courtesy of a deal over at eBay today. The fitness band usually sells for $99.99, so you’re getting a pretty decent 30% discount on the accessory.

The Flex can let you track your steps, runs, distance covered as well as sleep. It will also give you alerts for notifications from your smartphone, which is a very basic fitness band function really.

This is not a smartwatch and the customers have quite often complained about the relatively steep price tag. If you’ve been one of those customers, this deal should come as welcome news to you. Make sure you hit the link below and get the Fitbit Flex on the cheap while you still can. The retailer hasn’t mentioned if there will be an expiration to this deal, but given the nature of such deals, we won’t be surprised if it vanishes in no time.

Source: eBay