[Deal] Beats Solo 2 wired on-ear headphones for $75

Beats Solo 2.0

The Beats Solo 2.0 is now selling via eBay for just $75. The seller is offering the wired version of the headphones here, which is not much of a letdown, especially considering the price tag. Beats headphones demand a certain value given that they are made of the best quality materials and from people who understand music. Sure, there are rival offerings out there that are somewhat better than Beats, but you really can’t get something like this at just about $75. Keeping that in mind, we urge you to pay closer attention to the deal.

The seller is offering the headphones in Blue, Gray, Pink and Violet colors, letting you pick from a variety of options. The Solo 2.0 is the company’s basic on-ear headphones, so the sound probably won’t be on par with the high-end models. However, it’s still worth your money for this amazing price tag. Be sure to check out these headphones from the eBay link below.

Get the Beats Solo 2.0 wired headphones for just $75!