[Deal] Amazon Echo selling for just $149.99 ($30 off)

Amazon Echo

The #AmazonEcho is now selling for just $149.99, which is a $30 discount on its regular asking price. The Echo is Amazon’s personal assistant for your home and can offer you quick updates on the weather, offer sports scores and even play your favorite music by simply listening to your voice.

It comes with a set of always-on mics that are looking for voice commands commands, which means you can wake up in the middle of the night and ask for some light music and the Echo will kindly oblige, thanks to the power of Alexa which is the voice assistant running on the device.

Despite the relatively low price tag, the Amazon Echo has barely seen any love from the public. In order to curb this, Amazon has mentioned that it will start offering the device from brick and mortar outlets as well, while the device is currently online only.

If you’re yet to invest in the Amazon Echo, make sure you give it a closer look from the link below.

Source: Amazon