[Deal] 46mm Moto 360 for $79.99

Moto 360

An eBay retailer is now offering the first-gen Moto 360 for just $79.99. The listing is offering the 46mm version of the wearable. In terms of features, the Moto 360 comes with the same set of hardware that we come to expect from legacy Android Wear smartwatches, including extensive support for Google Now cards, real-time notifications and much more.

Even though the second-gen version of the Moto 360 has arrived, the original model is still getting software support from Google. But it won’t be long before the Moto 360 is completely out of Google and Moto’s software support umbrella. But as it stands, the Moto 360 is still the best cheap Android Wear smartwatch you can get. Surely, you can’t get a better offering for under $80.

Although the flat tyre design might not have struck a chord with everyone, it has its own charm to it. Hit the link below for more details.

Get the 46mm Moto 360 for just $79.99 on eBay!

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