[Deal] 1st gen Moto 360 for $99.99

Moto 360

The first-gen #Moto360 is now available for just $99.99 on eBay. This wearable has been selling with impressive discounts for quite some time now, but this is perhaps the best deal we’ve encountered in a while. The retailer is offering the smartwatch in a Light Metal (18mm) variant as well as a Stone Leather model, so there aren’t a lot of variants to pick from.

Even though this is the first-gen model of the smartwatch, you get to experience all the new features of Android Wear thanks to Google’s comprehensive support system. Barring a couple of legacy Android Wear smartwatches, the Moto 360 is still supported by Google, which means you get the latest Android Wear updates directly on the wearable.

Stocks might be fairly limited for this offering, so we suggest you get your hands on it while you still can. Hit the link below for more details on the smartwatch.

Get the first-gen Moto 360 for just $99.99!