Dead Trigger 2 Teased by Madfinger Games


Despite Madfingers’ rough patch when Dead Trigger first released as a paid for game, the popular zombies first person shooter has received a great amount of success, and it’s now coming back with Dead Trigger 2.

We’ve already heard about Dead Trigger 2 before, a game that will first be exclusive to Tegra 4 models, and like it’s precursor, will be completely free to download and play, but will most likely include in-app purchases.

The new game is even more graphically impressive than the first one, and will have a ‘living, breathing world.’ This will mean that as you visit the same places over a certain amount of time, you may see many changes to the story and the environments it is based in.

Dead Trigger 2 is also said to be a much larger game than the first one, and will include a bunch of new changes, such as new gameplay physics, weapon mechanics and other new additions to the game.

Below is footage that Madfinger has recently teased to the public.

Dead Trigger 2 is set to release late summer 2013 and will be fully playable at this year’s E3- are you excited?

Source: AndroidAuthority