Dan Hesse Headlining Sprint Developer Event, And Why This Is Important

Sprint CEO Dan Hesse at the Kyocera Echo launch event. Photo credit: TDG

Well the headline says it all right, Dan Hesse CEO for Sprint is headlining the Sprint Developer Conference.  Do you know who headlined the Apple developer conference this year? CEO Steve Jobs, and he was on sick leave.  Do you know who keynoted Google’s developer conference? Well if you say either Google Co-Founder, now CEO Larry Page or Sergey Brin, you’re wrong.  If you say former CEO Eric Schmidt, wrong again.  For the most part it was Senior Vice President Vic Gundotra.

Don’t get me wrong Gundotra is a great guy. He took a lot of time during I/O to talk and listen to a bunch of Google developers and press. Gundotra is also very active on Google+ as well.  But even in the transition neither Page, Brin or Schmidt keynoted their developer conference.

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So let’s get back to Sprint, this is the second year in a row that Hesse is keynoting his own event and he should.  It’s stories like this which are the reason that Sprint is one of the two carriers we still have a consumer line account with.  First off, here at Thedroidguy we are always referring to Sprint’s CEO as “The Guy Next Door” CEO.  Sprint’s Dan Hesse is extremely approachable and he loves talking about Sprint and now Android too.  I’ve personally witnessed Hesse talking to a customer, developer or journalist to the point where he either missed his flight or came damn close.

According to Sprint employees this isn’t just the way he is when it’s show time, when he visits a Sprint store or office Hesse takes great pride in getting to know the people that work for him and with him, customers in the stores even vendors for Sprint.

Hesse will most likely highlight why now is the time to develop for Sprint, with their forward thinking attitude about Android and the chance that they could end up with the fastest 4G/LTE in the world, should make a great speech.  I’m sure he’ll also tell us why the AT&T/T-Mobile merger is bad for the industry.

After last years Sprint Developer’s Conference androidguys.com (no relation to tdg) ran a story called “Sprint is Doing it Right”, penned by Androidswag.com founder, and conference attendee Aaron Kasten, the story is a damn good read that talks about how a Sprint Developer Conference attendee had had some kind of heart attack or something while jogging before the event.  As Kasten explained, Hesse was in the air, presumably from Kansas, to California for the event.  Upon hearing about this attendee of his conference having a heart attack, Hesse had the plane turn around and pick up the sick joggers family and take them to the hospital.

That’s the kind of guy Hesse is, just one of the good guys. So if you’re attending the Sprint Open Solutions Conference make sure you attend Hesse’s keynote.

Source: Sprint.com/ Androidguys

UPDATE: Dan Hesse just wrote in to say that they didn’t turn the plane around however they did wait until the family could join him before taking off for Californa.

Hesse told thedroidguy:

.  There was nothing special about what I did, this is just the culture of the “Sprint Family” that exists here.

We visited the family in the hospital later that night too.  It was questionable then if he would make it.  I’ve seen “the jogger” and his wife recently and he made a truly miraculous full recovery.

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  1. The dealings I’ve had with sprint over the past year as a customer have given me hope.  Their customer service has been very good and they seem interested in keeping me happy.  A couple years ago Hesse said that was going to be a big push and it looks like he wasn’t kidding.

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